Monday, March 29, 2010

How Marriage changes your life?

I have had hard times so many times that people saying your life will change after you get married but I was never told if it was for the better or the worse. Yes your life changes when you get married. You now have to start thinking for two and make decisions that are not only in your best interests, but also the best interests of your partner and your relationship together. To me, marriage is being you. I personally don’t believe marriage is having an equal partner or a perfect partner in which to live life with, because once you believe an equal partner or the perfect partner then you create frustration, disappointment and failure. There isn’t such an equal partner or perfect partner unless you are in a dream world. When I was a young person my view lived in the dream world. I always saw future as a world of Cinderella. Always happy! Now I have come to realize that life is but a combination of opposites. As the saying goes, we get both sides of the coin. One can't possibly choose to have just the head or the tail. In fact marriage is all about give and take, and anyone you ask they will tell you that.

I think that it makes your life more enjoyable to share it with your spouse, but not everyone believes marriage, so it is a personal decision. Marriage will teach you patience, love, commitment, tolerance, companionship, negotiating skills, forgiveness, and so much more. No you don’t have as much independence as you had when you were single “believe me”, but to me the positives outweigh the negatives.